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Actively supporting the teaching profession

The Society was established in 1798 and is the oldest charity of its kind in the country. We provide assistance to teachers and their families who are encountering financial difficulties, often unexpectedly. Although pension provision and superannuation schemes have reduced the numbers needing help there remains a significant task for the Society.

How we help

We give grants to our beneficiaries when they are in need and we carry out a financial assessment to ensure that we give our funds to those most in need.

We offer financial assistance to meet personal needs and to improve the quality of life. For example household and personal items, nursing home fees, cash gifts and medical treatment.

The Society's Committee meets regularly for the consideration of applications.

How you can help

The Society continues to need support. Please consider leaving SOSS a legacy in your will. Or perhaps subscribe or make a donation (by gift or covenant), however small, using the Gift Aid Scheme.

Feeling cared about is important:

"I have just received your letter informing me of the most wonderfully generous response from SOSS to my present difficulties. I felt I had to reply at once, to say just when I read it a lump came up in my throat. I am not only deeply grateful, but also very touched. This level of support, for general expenses, will help me weather a very difficult time, and is far more than I could ever have expected. Thank you all at SOSS so very much. You have been wonderful."

We give small regular payments:

Mr M was a teacher in England until he moved to Argentina in 1960 to continue his career there. After a number of years his health deteriorated and he developed Alzheimer's disease. This resulted in a move to a Nursing Home, to which the Society provides regular payments for the fees shortfall as Mr M has such a small pension.

Help with household repairs:

In the winter of 2010 Mrs W-S lost part of her flat roof. It was covered with a tarpaulin to stop leaks. She had a miserable winter in 2011 and her home was very cold. She ran out of oil for her heating in January 2012 and had to rely on her log burner. SOSS provided funding to repair the roof.